The Basics Package

wedding basic simple no frills easy marriage

Keeping it simple is the option many couples choose these days to keep costs down and minimise the time spent in a ceremony. This doesn't mean that the importance or feeling of the wedding ceremony is compromised in any way however, as I will bring all the elements together in such a way that no one will know you aren't paying for all the bells and whistles. Whether you are having a simple beach wedding, or maybe its in your own garden or perhaps you've chosen the local RSL..wherever the location, you can achieve you wish for a delightful day and still have change for that all important honeymoon!  The Basics Package starts at $350

The I Want It All Package

wedding marriage glamour bride spectacular beautiful style gold glitz

Your picture of your ideal wedding has always been that which resembles a fairy-tale. It's the vintage cars, the exquisite bejeweled gown, the wedding party looking impeccably groomed, the most delectable food and wine, and the setting so picturesque it compliments your stunning beauty in this most exhilarating and exciting moment of your life. You obviously want your celebrant to take your vision of this day and ensure that her part in it turns ordinary words and legal vows into something utterly magical and extraordinary. 

For this hand crafted and tailor made package the cost varies but is still absolutely reasonable and affordable. Prices begin at $500.

Mature Couple's Package

Seniors wedding older couples renew vows

Just because we're older doesn't mean we aren't allowed to experience all the excitement, fun and joy of planning and arranging a wedding in our more mature years.  With the ever changing dynamics of relationships in this vibrant and modern time, we see a greater number of people wanting to consolidate their love and commitment to one another regardless of age. For this reason I offer my services to the older couple who requires a person they can identify with and relate to. We go through the same documentation requirements as any other marrying couple in Australia and it's simply up to you as to how involved or how simple you want the wedding to be.  My package for this starts at $350 and depends upon your requirements.

Legals Only Package

Simple wedding no frills legals only elopement destination wedding

Often it is chosen to avoid the financial cost of a wedding or perhaps the couple just want a personal and intimate ceremony that involves each other and two witnesses. Maybe you are having a destination wedding overseas and just need the legals performed in Australia. Whatever the reason my "Legals Only Package" includes all the preparation and lodging of necessary legal documents and the required legal wording recognized by law said by myself and the couple.

This type of ceremony can be performed Monday - Friday at my office on the Gold Coast. Cost is $280. Extra charges apply to travel to perform the ceremony elsewhere. 

List of Requirements

NOIM legal marriage paperwork Celebrant Attorney Generals Births Deaths and Marriages

Doing the legals is scary to most are not alone there! Relax..that's my job. Whilst there is information on the Attorney Generals website regarding how to get married in Australia, once you have secured a booking it is part of my service that I offer to supply and help you with everything you need including the NOIM - Notice of Intended Marriage that needs to be completed at least one month out from the date of your wedding. You will need to provide identification, depending on your situation and circumstances. These may include birth certificates, driver's licences, passports, divorce certificates, death certificates etc.  It is a good idea to start to collect all your proof of identification documents and have them ready for our meeting.

Fun & Interesting Rituals

Hand Fasting Sand Blending Unity Candles Dove Release Family Unity

Rituals have been around for centuries and form the basis for many ceremonies in various cultures. In today's modern weddings, couples are choosing to incorporate various rituals in an effort to give themselves and their wedding party and guests, a more 'inclusive' feeling.  Some examples of the rituals you may decide to include are sand blending, hand fasting, unity candle lighting, tree planting, wine blending and circling the bride or groom. All of these rituals are performed as part of the ceremony and signify unity and the coming together of two individuals who are about to embark on their life together.