Renewal of Vows

Let's do it all again....

You know how it that've been living it and somehow the two of you have gotten so caught up in the necessities of work, kids, friends, mortgage, school fees, kids getting married, kids having their own kids, sneaking in a holiday that goes all too quickly. changing jobs, losing parents.... then suddenly you have a moment where you think back to what it was like when you first got married and you want to bring it all back again and share in something which tells the story of you two and how great you are together.

If only you could get married again. You can in a way. Renewing your vows is the perfect way to bring all the joy and happiness into a heartfelt celebration of your joint love. 

The passage of love can lead us down many roads and we can encounter obstacles and diversions which call upon us to find our compassion, understanding, tolerance, commitment, empathy and resolve. It is all of this and more that couples wish to honour and remember when they decide to renew their vows.  It is an absolute privilege to be asked to renew a couple's vows and to learn. their special story.  

Renew vows and celebrate many years of wedded bliss together

Renew vows and celebrate many years of wedded bliss together