Naming Ceremonies

A special day for your bundle of joy precious and fragile but already brimming with so much personality. In years gone by it was somewhat of an expectation that parents would have their newborn child blessed by a member of the clergy who would also proclaim the child's name by which he or she would be known. 

These days we see a transition away from religious ceremonies.  Naming ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular as the parent's choice for officially giving a name to their child without any reference to sect or denomination.  Parents can, in a relaxed and informal nature, involve their family, friends, chosen guardians and even other siblings, in welcoming the child into the circle of love and nurturing that is offered by those in attendance. Many parents choose to hold the naming ceremony at home for convenience and in consideration of the baby's needs, but there are a host of other options that could be considered such as the beach, the park, friends places, even the local cafe where the mum meets her girlfriends for a well deserved coffee and chat. A flexible and easy going attitude is essential when conducting naming ceremonies due to the simple fact that babies don't run to schedules and their needs must be met first and foremost.  As a mother and grandmother my loving approach is calm and gentle but also efficient and meaningful.  Generally naming ceremonies cost about $300 and include a copy of the ceremony and a commemorative certificate for the baby & parents. 

baby naming loving families children blended families naming day

baby naming loving families children blended families naming day

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