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Hi and welcome..I'm Kate - wife, mum, grandma, dog owner, beach lover and (dare I say it) a Gemini! We get a bad wrap but we're actually really good at conversation and fantastic in social situations!  I'm known for my genuine warmth and positive attitude and I'm pretty big on learning and expression - all good traits for a celebrant.  The times in our lives when we come together for what are "Rites of Passage"..be they baby naming, 21st's, weddings, vow renewals, aged birthday and anniversary celebrations and eventually funerals...are all times that we require the services of a celebrant who gives you peace of mind, satisfaction beyond what you expected and who remains calm and caring at all times.  My style is relaxed, interested, authentic and considerate - I'm not the type of celebrant who wants the limelight or wants to pretend like she's a comedian - and my 'hip' days are long gone.  What I bring to my role is a lifetime of experiences where I have had to navigate through hard times and good times and I'm proud to say that I've listened, learned and evolved in the process. 

With love....Kate.

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